The days go by and I get stronger,
             more confident,
                   more willing to go forward to new beginnings.
I am grateful for all the TRUE friends who have comforted me along this path.
  They are forever more than friends,
            they are more than family,
               they are more than any words I can express.
I am grateful to those who have disappointed me. 
      They have taught me to be more selective
                  to whom I should share my heart and soul with.
But at the same, I would do it all again. 
For these experiences, though painful and full of sorrow
    have not detered my optimism of living and loving.
Maybe my personal santuary is not in the hiding,
     it is in the living and loving.
Let me rejoice in the sanctuary of life by living fully and loving foolishly
   and not cower into loneliness and darkness.

About Sylvia

Hobbies include bike riding, Puerto Rican history, genealogy and preserving her family's history for many generations.
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