Six spots..

As the image became focused on the screen, I gasped.
What was I seeing?
   Was it something that was missing?
      Or was it something that was there?
What is it?
   Some lesions.
How many are there?
I quickly smiled.  Yeah, there WOULD be six.  Like my birthday.
How did it get there?
   We really don’t know.
Is it bad?
    Sometimes, but again we really don’t know.
As I settle in the reality of all this uncertainty in living,
       I  have come to a peaceful
          knowing that six is my lucky number.
These six spots are the major traumas (or dramas), of my life that I will not repeat.
These six spots are my personal internal art that has recorded the major events that life has given me
      and that I have successfully survived and triumphed over each of them.
These six spots will be my internal reminders to avoid them again.
I know I will not getting any more spots. 
I will not allow life to wound me anymore.
I will not allow myself to be hurt.
Actually my six spots won’t be leisons or traumas or dramas anymore.
They are just part of me; my personal fabric; my internal quilt.
When hurt, sorrow, treachery or deceit try to hurt or beat me,
   I’ll smile and say
     " No thanks!  I have six already". 🙂

About Sylvia

Hobbies include bike riding, Puerto Rican history, genealogy and preserving her family's history for many generations.
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