Readings on Multiple Sclerosis

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, information and loving relationships are the best defense.
It is perfectly understandable to have fear, be paralyzed and not know what to do next.
The best advice I can give to anyone who starts this path, of which no one really wants to start, is to first and foremost take care of yourself.
Don’t worry what others think or do or don’t do.  It really doesn’t matter who it is (parents, siblings, friends).
Their ignorance or fear is not your problem.  Your dance card with fear is full enough.
The next best thing about this diagnosis is that you focus on what’s good for your health and ultimately your happiness.
Besides getting good doctors and medical support (ie. medication, etc.), summon the support of your family and friends.
Quite frankly distance yourself from those that  don’t support you unconditionally at this time.
I sometimes see this illness I great gift to get really SEE that which is helpful to you and that which drains you.
Take care of your emotional, mental and physical health is of utmost importance right now. 
   Actually it has always been.   You, just like I was, really never fully understood it.
After the recent news on some developments in MS, I decided to start blogging about it.
If I can reach and help one other person, it is all worth it.
Wikipedia has a lot of source information as does the MS Society (see links below). 
Keep your reading light in the beginning. 
There are a lot of unknowns, but a lot of great people. 

Start your journey one step at a time, for it is truly a journey to happiness, not a death sentence.


About Sylvia

Hobbies include bike riding, Puerto Rican history, genealogy and preserving her family's history for many generations.
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