Greece – Athens to Olympia with side trips to Delphi and Meteora.

After several years of various life setbacks, Robert and I finally got our dream trip to Greece.  Okay maybe it was more like his, but I did not exactly suffer.
May 12-14th – Athens
After a few days of travel and recovery from jet lag, we got to enjoyed the majesty that is Athens.  The Acropolis, Agora and the other remnants of the Greek Empire and subsequent conquerors such as the Romans were definitely on the awe inspiring side.
May 14th thru May 26 – Bicycling from Athens to Olympia
We had a grand journey with ExperiencePlus ( bicycling from Athens to Olympia.  We did not get on our bikes till the island of Poros, but honestly I was thrilled!  I loved Athens, but after a few days walking through this great metropolis I understood why Athens would NOT be a BICYCLE friendly town.
Robert and I were privileged to have a great set of travel companions on the tour, but even more blessed to have Manolis and his wife Patricia as our guides through this tour.  I am glad I lost weight before this tour and cycled because I am certain I have gained at least half of my weight loss by eating my way through the Pelopenese!
May 27th – Delphi
Robert being the ORACLE Database guru, our travels would not be complete without a pilgrimage to Delphi where I am sure Larry Ellison was conceived oops, I mean the software 😉
We have pictures at Robert’s temple (the Temple of Apollo).  Will post soon!
May 28th – Meteora  
 When Robert suggested this side-trip, I thought it was just okay.  I was wrong, this place is magical!!  Albeit a bit warm.
 Check out some of the information on the monasteries and
Today we visited the following sites:
  • Metereon
  • Varlaam
  • The Holy Trinity
  • Rousanou
The Divani Hotel in  Kalampaka is quite nice respite from the heat!!

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Hobbies include bike riding, Puerto Rican history, genealogy and preserving her family's history for many generations.
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