Tim Russert and Living

It’s been a week since Tim Russert’s passing.
I have always admired him as a newsman as so many in this great country of ours have.
I too was raised Catholic.  Twelve years of Catholic education followed by training from the Jesuits at Fordham University.
I too am always aware and grateful from where I am from and proud of my family’s struggle and success from humble beginnings.
Many former "elevator" friends would make fun of me for believing and being who I am.
It wasn’t till Mr. Russert’s passing that I remembered that being authentic and generous is the only way to truly live.
Anything else is simply not living or worse living a lie.
From one of the eulogies from Mr. Russert’s memorial, these words are things I live by.
Move forward
Lean on each other
Cherish all the good times
and live every day to it’s fullest
Live it with honor and integrity
And always reach down to help someone else up.
Take these incredible lessons of life that I leave with each of you
and live them as you remember me.
To be devoted friend.
To live life with great enthusiasm and love.
Anything less is truly a sin.
Thank you Tim for being a role model in life and death.  God bless.

About Sylvia

Hobbies include bike riding, Puerto Rican history, genealogy and preserving her family's history for many generations.
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