Friends on Vacation

I enjoy traveling on vacation. However my friend Harley and family have enjoyed some of the most exciting family vacations ever.
Here’s their site

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Important Definitions…

As I have gotten older words and definitions have become more important, especially in an social environment that at times becomes devisive. Here are two words that I feel are important.

Diversity is the full range of human and/or organizational differences and similarities—inclusive of everyone.

Inclusion is the process of leveraging the power of the differences and similarities to effectively integrate everyone into the culture of the organization.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wishing all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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Grateful to our Veterans

Thanks to all our veterans and service men and women for their commitment, work and sacrifice.

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If I Were President

Health care.

I am a cancer survivor and have multiple sclerosis. Do I need to explain more?

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That Time I Lied About My Age

I lied about my age in the summer of 1977 when I graduated from high school. I needed a job to help my family and get through college.

At the time, in order to get a job at the local department store Korvettes's (the Target of the time), I had to be 18. They didn't check age per se, only checked if indeed I graduated from high school which I did.

Though working 20 to 40+ hours a week and going to college and living at home was no piece of cake, I was grateful to be able to have healthcare (something my family did not have, thanks to my dad) and be able to help pay the mortgage and utility bills.

Now that I am 50, I have no need to lie about my age. It is what it is.

Everyday I am grateful even for my age.

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National Healthcare Laws.

I am a breast cancer survivor and take daily injections to manage my Multiple Sclerosis. I am fortunate to be cancer survivor and that my MS is the relapsing-remitting kind.
Why am I bringing this up? After the elections results and the discussion of the Republicans wanting to repeal the Healthcare law, they are out to affect me.
I am healthy and have a great job with excellent medical benefits. If this was not the case, I would very likely not be eligible for medical coverage, I would be denied. My health would deteriorate, then what.
I am not asking for a handout.
I am asking that there be healthcare laws to protect all of us.

Seems that there is a large contigent that doesn’t understand what the healthcare bill is intended to do.

I all can say, is that they been given the opportunity first hand, why the healthcare bill was and IS important to everyone.
May they learn how it feels to be in that spot.
I know, let’s remove the Congress’s health care program and have them buy it themselves!

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Another weekend to bike…

Summer has come late to Seattle this year.  Though not WARM for more than 10 days so far this summer, the days have been dry to bike ride. 

I love riding our various routes to not only get our needed dose of exercise, but to see the neighborhood and the season progression.

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Microsoft IT video on TechNet.

Did a short video last month on how Microsoft IT reduces operating expenses using Virtualization.

Check it out

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SQL Saturday in Redmond

Robert and I attended a SQL Saturday classes in Redmond. 
I truly enjoyed Donabel Santos’ presentation on Powershell and SQL Server as well as Buck Woody’s SQL Server for ORACLE DBAs.
Gotta keep up with Donabel’s blog and Buck Woody’s various sites.
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