Living in the Now…

I have found that my perspection and value of time has become more important.
Not the New Yorker in me that walks fast and gets things down like a fire sale.
I am more conscious of what I am doing and how and why it matters.   
At home, I treat every family and friend as a jewel, always keeping it shiny, grateful for every moment with them.
Being outdoors, I make sure to look around and see as much beauty in the smallest things.
I try not waste my time on hate and anger, although when I do encounter it I try to defuse or get rid of it quickly.
Unfortunately my discarding is more like a major explosion.  But this just my release. 
My pent up emotions are gone, and hopefully never to return.
Regrets?  I avoid regrets.  At this point in my life I only have one.  I have been working hard to resolve that one.
But maybe we are suppose to have some regrets.   Maybe regrets are lessons we need to learn and never forget?
Regardless what illness or situation we are in, now is all we have. 
I want to make a difference in every moment I have been blessed with.
……………..S ……………………….

About Sylvia

Hobbies include bike riding, Puerto Rican history, genealogy and preserving her family's history for many generations.
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